Try a Corporate Dance Class

If you’re looking for Boston team building ideas, corporate dance classes are a unique option that can really bring your team together.

It’s the unique team building events that have the best chance to leave an impression with your company, and Boston Mobile Dance Studio‘s corporate dance class is set to do just that. The company’s special dance classes for corporate teams emphasize “team building through movement,” which has the potential to break the ice among team members, improve communication, bring team members closer, boost team spirit, and make each team member feel like they’re contributing to something larger than themselves.

What Is It?

Boston Mobile Dance Studio offers their corporate class as a series of five classes to emphasize the ability to make progress and learn from experience. During these classes each team member will have the opportunity to learn from their mistakes and watch each other grow.

From Class 1 To Class 5

These corporate dance classes are strategically designed in 5-class blocks. The first class will have the team introduced to the movement coach, who will start a dialogue among all of your team members as well as teaching the dance moves.

Classes 2, 3, and 4 see the team members continuing their practice of choreography, all while focusing on group communication, overcoming difficulties, supporting each other, and having fun. Of course, Boston Mobile Dance Studio is supporting the team the entire time.

Class 5 is a special finale that will include the studio recording the team’s performance. After the class, your team can also perform their group dance to demonstrate what they’ve learned.