Trapology Boston Events

Here at Team Building Boston we’re big fans of Trapology. Trapology was voted, by fans and followers, on to the “Top 10 Best Escape Games” list released by USA Today, and has been featured in such local media as The Boston Globe, Boston Magazine, and It’s not just a space to simply play escape games centered around original storylines and immersive puzzles, but also a great place to host team building events and other corporate meetings.

What Is It?

Trapology Bostonis a real-life adventure escape game that offers an interactive experience, one where you and your teammates are locked in a thematic environment for 60 minutes. You have mission: ESCAPE! The Trapology Boston game experience immerses players into a different world with a completely different agenda. Each of Trapology Boston‘s games has a unique and suspenseful storyline, which will unfold as you and your team meticulously explore the room and search for clues. Communication and teamwork are integral to success. Work together to solve a series of connected mind-bending riddles and brainteasers. All will ultimately lead the team to the final puzzle, which will hold the key that will allow you to escape.

What People Are Saying About Trapology Boston

Without a doubt, Trapology is the most fun I’ve had in 2016! I’m not usually one for puzzles so a live escape challenge sounded like it was going to be more of a nightmare but once I was submersed in the experience I had an absolute blast. The game itself was different than anything I’ve experienced. I initially thought there was no way I’d benefit my team in any way but as we went along and I learned that most of the puzzle designs were based on observation and common sense, I was able to solve puzzles along with the rest of my team and help us solve the “Drunk Tank”. If you’re looking for a fun time in Boston, Trapology needs to be at the top of your list. I’m now addicted and can’t wait to go back and try the rest of their puzzles! — Janie L., first time player