Wicked Good Chowda Cookoff

For team building our friends at Recipe For Success have a ton of awesome events and workshops to choose from, but our personal favorite of theirs is the Wicked Good Chowda Cookoff. This hilarious culinary team bonding event will be fun for everyone—Boston natives and transplants alike—as it celebrates Boston’s fun-loving culture with a delicious twist.

Culinary Team Building Event – The Wicked Good Chowda Cookoff

Event Description and Overview

Ok so we were going to write a description of the Wicked Good Chowda Cookoff, but the description from Recipe For Success’ website is too good that any description we wrote wouldn’t do it justice. Here’s how they describe the event from their website:

Welcome to the Wicked Good Chowdah Cookoff culinary team building program!

Alright all you chowda heads, let’s go see if we can’t get yoah team to have a killa time. The Wicked Good Chowda Cookoff is wheah all the fun times ah!

Name yah chowdah: fish, clam ora cahn. We’ll bring the groceries foah yah cooking of coahse: cahtons of cream, budda, onions, cohn, b’daydas, rawreggs, scrod, gaggas, and whatevah ya might want from Stah Mahket or Cumbie’s (but not the packie, you’re on yah roan theah, guy.) Start booking and create yah chowdah. Be pr’payahd t’do some work, t’use y’hahnds and t’make a mess. F’get about calories, fats, and c’lest’rol! Create a chowdah work of aht, a Julier Child rapsha to make the judges go hoopy ovah. Ya can even make that wicked weid red Nooyawka chowdah, if that floats ya dorry. Whea yah from? Southie, Eastie, Dottie, Rozzie, Meffid, from across the rivah or westa Wihsta?

What People Are Saying

People are loving the Wicked Good Chowda Cookoff! It’s a great culinary event for teams of all kinds and cooking together is a great way to bring the team together. Take this testimonial below.

“I just wanted you to know that our group had a great time last night with the Recipe for Success teambuilding. Stewart was terrific and the attendees thought it was a valuable program. They even enjoyed the food!” — Freddie Mac